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The Game, Who is the best Hacker World

Decryption of WEP - WPA Handshakes- Cyphers - Crack a Rar Password - Unlock the Encrypted File Plus for the comp it self leaders will be required to add there name to the leaders page and the challenges will get harder each round, we will be putting up some simple tests for you to try out your skills till then each month.

The game will start April 2nd 2014 a special server will be turned on using another domain name on that day as part of the competition you will be able to register from March 1st 2014

We will also have the TECH challenge What can you build with a limited budget for 2017

Do you have what it takes to say that you are the best hacker in the world and win THEHACKERSWORLDCUP.

The Game is regional meaning the best from each country will go up against each other for world dominance and bragging rites.

From January keep your eye open for the monthly test first to win gets a prize.

JULY Test is here

September Test is here







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